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ARKTVLive is a revolution in the online entertainment.

ARKTVLive is a live TV and VOD platform, 100% legal, from Romania, available on desktop, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (smartphone and tablet), Smart TV.

Subscribers have access to breaking news, live sports competitions, TV shows, music, videos.

ARKTVLive subscription includes Romanian and international TV and radio channels of news, sports, music, documentaries and a large library of videos.

"Free Zone" is available for testing the application's performances and offers access to a limited amount of content.

ARKTVLive is a product created by Streamark. In over 12 years of research, development and design of multimedia platforms, Streamark has become a benchmark in the live streaming industry, by developing 100% proprietary platforms for Mobile TV / IPTV / Web TV, which were materialized in B2C and B2B services from Europe, Asia and USA.

Currently, each streaming process is perfectly integrated. This performance is unmatched in the segment.

The advanced technology ensures the adaptation to different internet speeds, all to provide a superior viewing experience and a premium quality anywhere in the world.

The content offered on the ARKTVLive platform is secured to the highest standards in the industry.