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About us:

ARKTVLive is a revolution in the online entertainment.

ARKTVLive is a product created by Streamark. In over 12 years of research, development and design of multimedia platforms, Streamark has become a benchmark in the live streaming industry, by developing 100% proprietary patforms for Mobile TV / IPTV / Web TV, which were materialized in B2C and B2B services from Europe, Asia and USA.

How does the platform work?

To access the content displayed on the platform, you will have to create a new account using an e-mail address or you can log in using a Facebook or a Google+ account.

This ARKTVLive account can be used on the Web platform using Browser installed on your PC (we recommend Chrome), and on the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

How do the subscriptions work?

You can subscribe by purchasing the monthly packages which can be found on both our website and on the mobile apps.

You can purchase the subscription for a period of 30 days and the payments are recurrent payments.

How can I pay?

The subscription payment can be done using PayPal or in-app purchases using a credit card. After completing the purchase, the subscription will be automatically added to your account and can be accessed immediately.

Need more help?

We offer 24/7 support. You can contact us at: arktvlive@streamark.com

How can I cancel my subscription?

There’s no need to go through an additional process or pay any additional fees. The subscription can be renewed any time you want by purchasing a new package.


Technical Questions:


Forgot password!

Please use the “Forgot password” button, displayed in the Log in menu. You will receive on your e-mail address a link which will help you reset your password. In case you don’t receive a link in 10 minutes, please check also the Spam folder.

On which devices, can I watch ARKTVLive?

On a PC with Windows or a Mac, using a browser, on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) using the free ARKTV apps available on iOS and Android and on Smart/Apple TV.

I’m using Internet Explorer, why can’t I access www.arktvlive.com?

Our system isn’t optimized to work on Internet Explorer versions lower than 9.0. Please upgrade or use another browser. For better results, we recommend Google Chrome.

How fast does the internet connection has to be?

For an optimum functionality, a 3G/4G connection is required or at least 100kbit/s for a fix internet connection. ARKTVLive will work on lower connections than these ones but the image quality will be lower.

How long does it take until the video starts?

It depends on your internet connection. If you have the connection we recommended above, a video or a live stream will start in a few seconds.

Can I use my account on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the account on as many devices as you want, but you won’t be able to watch a video or a live stream on two or more devices at the same time (only one active feed is allowed).

Trying to use the account to watch the content on multiple devices at the same time, can lead to the its suspension.

The mobile app has connection problems?

Check if the internet connection is active. ARKTVLive doesn’t work if the internet connection is not active and permanent, regardless if it’s Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.

Videos stop working when watching them?

Please check your internet connection. The wireless connection’s quality should be at least “Good” or “Excellent” or the 3G/4G signal should be close to “Full”. If possible, change your position by getting closer to the wireless router and, if not possible, change the image quality from Auto to Low, using the button located in the lower-right side of the video.

Catch-up for 7 days

It’s a “gadget" that you can use for free. The main purpose is to be able to see reruns of your favorite movies, TV shows, news and sports.

Using ARKTVLive with Apple TV and Android TV

A 4th generation Apple TV or an Android TV is required.
Navigate to the App Store/ Google Play Store, search for "ARKTVLive for Apple TV"/ “ARKTVLive for Android TV” and install the app.
Start the app.
In order to browse our content, you will need to pair the app, with your ARKTVLive account. This operation has to be done only once.
From within our ARKTVLive app, on your Apple TV/ Android TV device, access any Live TV channel, radio channel, video file and you will receive a request to pair your device.
In-line, navigate to www.arktvlive.com on your PC or Mac, sign-in with your credentials, and go to the "My Account" page (top right corner).
Click the "Add Device" button, and that will generate a code for you, comprised of four random numbers. Keep that window open!
Input the code on your Apple TV / Android TV app, in the pairing menu, and now you can access our content on ARKTVLive.
You may now return to your PC and close the "My Account" window with the code.

Your device is now paired, and it will remain like this, until you either use the "Log Off" menu on Apple TV/ Android TV or the "Remove Device" button on your PC, in the "My Account" page.