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Gabby - All's Well

When Gabby tries to make everything well, he comes to fussy baby and attempts to change the baby's diaper. Can Gabby change the baby's diaper?

Gabby - Fire Cheese

Gabby appoints himself as a committee of one to make Lilliput a better place. Gabby tries to help the Lilliput Fire Department put out what is initially a simple fire at an old house, lending his expertise whether the department wants it or not! As usual, he does nothing more than get in the way. Under his inept supervision (while trying to play fire chief), the bumbling town crier gets trapped on the roof of the burning house. The fire department reluctantly saves him.

Gabby - It's a Hap - Hap - Happy Day

The Mayor of Lilliput is about to go on a camping trip and trying to avoid letting Gabby go with him. However, Gabby invites himself along. He follows and offers his ill-informed expertise on woodlore, screwing everything up.

Gabby - Gabby Goes Fishing

In his usual manner, Gabby, the bumbling know-it-all town crier, attempts to teach a young boy how to catch the really big fish. The boy was doing fine by himself, but, of course, Gabby has to show him how it's done- and ends up getting hooked himself.

Gabby - King For A Day

King Little has received a letter which says "Dear Majesty, Please be at home today. I have orders to shoot you. Sincerely yours." He asks Gabby if he would like to be king for a day, and Gabby accepts, not knowing that he may be in danger.

Gabby - Swing Cleaning

The king allows Gabby to take over the supervision of the castle's spring cleaning with disastrous results.

Gabby - Two For the Zoo

Gabby and the head zookeeper at the Lilliput Zoo bring in a new kangaroo to the zoo. A delivery man pushes a crate down the street containing a Rubber Necked Kango. Gabby bumps into the crate, and in his usual know-it-all fashion, offers to personally deliver the animal, a baby. Gabby doesn’t know that the mother is also in the crate, and she catches up with them, dropping the baby into her pouch, causing Gabby to think that the baby suddenly grew. They end up getting trapped in the kangaroo’s cage and the Kangaroo runs free.

Noveltoon - Cheese Burglar

Herman the mouse hasn't eaten in 29 days- he's got to do something, but the cat and the dog are guarding the fridge. Then Herman sets out to break up their friendship. He tells them that cat and dog are mortal enemies, so they can kill each other, and he can finally get some food.

Noveltoon - A Lamb In A Jam

It's winter and Wolfie is freezing cold. He needs wool to stay warm. He tries to capture Blackie and shear him for his wool. But the smart little black sheep foils the stupid wolf by locking him in a freezer.

Noveltoon - Flip Flap

Flip Flap the seal is tired of life at the zoo, so he runs away from home and sets off for the North Pole in search of a better life. He decides to run away, and is soon cavorting among his Arctic brethren. Even better, he meets a sexy young seal called Celia, and they fall in love. But seal hunters arrive and kidnap poor Celia. Flip Flap is heartbroken and returns home, only to discover that Celia is the newest member of the zoo!

Noveltoon - Leprechauns Gold

Starts out like a Screen Song about Ireland, but it's really about leprechauns outwitting an evil, miserly landlord who is after the pot of gold.

Noveltoon - Much Ado About Mutton

The big bad wolf is hungry and thinks lamb-chops would fill his need, so he puts the a snatch of a couple of Uncle Blackie's fleecy-white nephews. Uncle Blackie takes offense at this and dispatches the wolf and rescues his little kinsmen. This minor setback has not diminished the wolf's appetite for lamb, so he disguises himself as Little Boy Blue and sets out once again to get a lamb-dinner. This doesn't work, either, but the odds are high that the wolf is out there somewhere working on a Little Bo-Peep outfit.

Noveltoon - Naughty but Mice

Herman, the city-slicker mouse (looking like a cross between James Cagney and Lee Tracy) visits his barn-mice cousins in the country. There he sees that the barn also has a cat, and Katnip the Kat, is one mean dude who has put most of Herman's relatives on crutches and in slings, and even dispatched a couple of them to Mice Heaven. It is up to city-wise Herman to outwit the country-wise cat but the country cat has been to a couple of County Fairs himself, and proves to be nearly more than Herman can handle.

Noveltoon - Pleased to Eat You

The King Of Beasts has one major problem: he can't find anything to eat! He's so hungry that he volunteers to live in the zoo. Once the Hungry Lion goes to the zoo, he tries every single way to get a bite to eat, but only comes up empty-handed. Be careful what you wish for. Things go from bad to worse -- especially for the zookeeper, who sounds like Jerry Colonna. He's the only thing left that looks like "lunch."

Noveltoon - Quack-A-Doodle-Doo

Mrs. Duck longs to have a baby and wants to "hatch a batch," so she swallows an entire bottle of vitamins and presto, out pops a huge and clumsy Baby Huey! We first get to see him naked, then Mrs. Duck dresses him in a brown diaper. The giant infant, unaware of his own super strength, causes a lot of trouble, and the other ducks wants to chase Huey and his mom away. Later, a hungry fox shows up. Huey wants to play with him and saves the day.

Noveltoon - Saved By the Bell

Herman the mouse installs a bell on a cat to help his mice friends.

Noveltoon - Scrappily Married

Henry the rooster attempts to sneak out but his wife, Chickenpie, catches him and orders him to sit on the eggs, a job he hates. Along comes Herman the mouse who frightens away Chickenpie after taking one look at him. Henry sees the advantage to this and enlists Herman as his friend to keep Chickenpie away. Chickenpie tries to scare Herman away disguised as a cat, then sends a real cat after Herman when the costume fails, leaving Henry at Chickenpie's mercy. Just when all looks hopeless for Herman and Henry, Herman traps the cat in a cage and returns to frighten the wife away.

Noveltoon - Sudden Fried Chicken

Herman notices that his pal Henry is being abused by his wife, so he tries to interest him in becoming a boxer. Henry figures that if Herman is good and he wins, he can have all the women he wants and drink beer. But becoming a good boxer is not as easy as it sounds, and Henry both wind up in the hospital.

Noveltoon - Suddenly It's Spring

In this longer cartoon, Raggedy Ann's little girl mistress is seriously ill and needs sunlight to recover. Raggedy Ann sets off on a mission to the sun and other elements to make Winter end early. Works a minor miracle, with the help of the elements.

Noveltoon - Teacher's Pest

This Noveltoon (Paramount production number P9-5) finds young-and-little Junior Owl on his way to school, and trying hard to live up to the reputation of his elders for being wise. But, despite his best efforts, Mr. Wolf knows a few wise tricks of his own, and Junior lands in the wolf's pot of boiling water. But Mama Owl saves him from being the main course of Mr. Wolf's dinner, and Junior lends a hand himself.

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